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Layered Necklace

Michelle Smith

Precisely, why would you devote so many hours on discussing whether your outfit appears to be better with a choker or even a dangler when you might decide the actual query by means of donning each?

There isn't any greater approach to showcase your individual fashion type than using a statement necklace around your neck. I prefer to wear a stack of delicate necklaces and rings instead of one large piece. Layering bracelets are an ideal course for just a retro ambiance. Lengthy or perhaps brief, has a light-weight chain along with gem/charm both equally tend to be pretty along with stylish. There exists numerous alternatives when it comes to diamond jewelry or any sort of jewelry. Whether or not your precious metal or perhaps silver colours aren't the exact same, by mixing different ornaments, it turns into simple to pull it away from.

How to wear the Layered Necklaces?

When it comes to wearing or accessorizing, there are two trends: Less is more, and more is more. It’s an irony “season is all about the minimal   OR, it’s a maximalist’s dream this spring!!”

When it comes to jewelry, though, layering, like stacking, straddles the line. The most important thing that should be kept in mind while wearing multiple necklaces altogether is to vary the lengths. Think of mixing shorter, finer chains with longer, thicker ones so that it can very well suit with your outfit .You just get the effect the one which you’re hoping to pull off!!!

Way you dress up!!

The way you dress up actually helps a lot in determining the type of layered necklace you should actually put on. Let’s say if you wear a V-neck tee then it is best suited with layered silver chains or the pendant necklaces peeking out from a collared top.

Making the use of your heavy necklaces with the new ones!!

Ever thought this way??

Yes, definitely you can make use of your heavy necklaces that were worn earlier by mixing them with new, light pendants resulting into the layered necklaces. With a big, vibrant necklace, you only need to add   one simple, longer chain. Don’t you think it’s a better idea rather than spending your bucks to buy a new one.

The common base for all this trends? Have Attitude-to try something exciting!! Enjoy !! Try something unexpected, something new ,something which makes you stand out or try blending pieces which you’ve never earlier worn together before, and dig out those old chains, the hefty ones which you’ve given up on completely. Layering necklaces is your opportunity to create a look that gives you something which amazes you; no one else owns the same exact collection of jewelry as you, right? So play around with them, think about how your old, forgotten necklaces might work with your new, existing pieces.

Always be ready to try something which amazes you, shocksyou, Gives you a complete different look!!



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